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For A Most Successful & Safe Business Model We Need Funds –

  • Angel  Crowd Funds
  • Seed Capital
  • Venture Capital
  • Equity Capital


Partners – Individual Or A Group , Corporate , Institutions , Small Investors , Female Investors, Overseas Investors 

First Stage Initial 20% Funding ( Start Up Partners ) Needed As Base / Seed Funds To Start The Business And Invite Investor For Project Finance.



Safe Investment, Fast Growth , Double Your Investment In First 3 Yrs.


Whiskey Blending & Bottling A Fastest Growing Business In India



Project Is Very Well Financially Designed With 2 Verticals Profit Centers

1. Contract Manufacturing For Other Brands

2. Manufacturing Of Our Brand


Once 1st & 2nd Stage Production Starts Then Investment Grows 5 X



Invest In Scotch India Project

Scotch India Investment / Equity Shares Holding  Offered

1] 5 Lakhs

2] 20 Lakhs

3] 50 Lakhs

4] 1 Crore

Select The Amount You Would Like To Invest As  Equity In Scotch India & Write To Us

( One Can Start With Small Investments & Grow With Us )



Exit Policy: Equity Holders Has Option To Exit After Three Years With Profits Or On Next Level Of Funding.

Also Need Help Of A Very Resourceful Experienced Person / Consultant To Raise Funds In A Very Systematic & Professional Way To Help Start The Project.



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All  Are Welcomed To Invest In Project Scotch India & Grow Many Folds – Be A Pillar Of Strength Of 500 Crores Company

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Whiskey Is No Longer ‘a Man’s Drink’

Affordable Scotch For All & Fine Blended  Scotch For Females

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