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Scotch India: Our Promise An Affordable Quality Scotch For All.

Now New Revolution Of Scotch Culture In India.



Project Scotch India

 Invest & Grow 5x



A Project By A Technocrat Having 5 Decades Of Extensive Multifaceted Experience



Funds Needed For Startup , Seed Capital , Venture Capital , Crowd Funding , Co-Founders …


Help Us Raise First Stage Funding: 25% Startup Equity


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Project Scotch India Is To Provide Good Quality Scotch Whiskey , Gin & Vodka To India – A Fully Imported Grain & Malt Scotch To Be Blended To Perfection As Per Equivalent to  Famous Black Label , Chivas Regal , Red Labe , Teacher’s Standard Blends . Also Few Single Malt In Category Of Balvenie , Glenlevit , Jameson . Only Equivalent  To Tried & Tested Popular Blends Will be Licensed Manufactured By Us Under Our Exclusive Brands.

Also Contract Manufacturing for other Popular Brands

Demand For Scotch Is Growing Tremendously in India



From Barrel To Bottle


Enough Outsourced Services Are Available To Help subletting manufacturing facilities For Other Brands,Tie_ups For Domestic & Overseas Sales, Blending Of Right Combination Of Scotch , IMFL ,Vodka , Gin  & Rum , Also Systematic Plant & Machinery Layout Etc.

Collaboration With Reputed International Scotch, Vodka , Gin Manufacturers To Supply In Bulk To Be Bottled In India.




Note From President Pradip Sood: 

Legacy To Leave Behind A Very Professionally Managed Company / Board To Safe Guard Brand And Investment.

Company To Grow Exponentially With Present Market Demand:

 [ India’s Whiskey Consumption Is Growing Every Year & Second Highest In World Today . Also Expected India Is Going To Be Biggest Producer Of Whiskey In Coming Time – Right Time To Invest.

The spirit segment in India, which includes whisky, brandy, rum and vodka, is expected to grow by 25 percent to Rs 2.92 lakh crore ($41 billion) by 2022, according to Euromonitor International. ]


Project Scotch: Make In India




We Are Working On A Small Project With A Huge Potential:

A] A Whiskey Blending & Bottling Plant To Do 3rd Party Job For Reputed Established Brands

B]  To Blend Imported Bulk Scotch Whiskey . To Manufacture Initially 100 Cartons of Scotch Day And Grow Gradually .

Our Products Will  Not Compete With Domestic Indian Popular or Fast Moving Whiskey Brands .

Product Range: Ours Blends Will Be Of  Special Class Scotch Whiskey Above Local Indian Premium Brands ( 100% Comparable With Quality Scotch Whiskey – Smooth , Mellow , Mouthfeel , Fruity) . Comparable to Scotch – Black Label , Chivas Regal , Teaches etc. / Vodka – Smirnoff , Grey Goose / Gin – Gordon

We Are Looking For Few Investors For Our Project Scotch India.

Scotch Blending Plant Is A Small Project With Substantial Profits . Blending Plant Requires Min. Man Power , As It Is Continuous Flow System.




Single Malt



Our Brand Will Be Here

  • Opportunity – Tremendous
  • Market Size: Revenue In The Whisky Segment Amounts To Us$17.66bn In 2022. The Market Is Expected To Grow Annually By 6.31% (Cagr 2022-2025).
  • Product – Excellent – Fully Imported – Quality Scotch
  • Competition : Quality & Costing – Will Sustain Us Through
  • Traction : Easy Growth Oriented Project –  Starting Small And Grow To 1000 Crores Shortly
  • Contract Manufacturing: First We Will Be Starting Production For Other Brands . This Will Help Us To Stabilize , And Gradually After That Start Production Of Our Brands 

  • Technically Advance Manufacturing Plant



A Good Quality Blend Also Has Excellent Export Opportunities Worldwide , As Already  Indian Whiskies Are Exported In  Good Volumes.

To Start With Aged Scotch Will Be Procured In Bulk & Will Be Blended In A Plant With Excellent Latest Simple Technology  & Process , Quality Controlled With  Sophisticated Sensors  & Analyzers For Various Checks. This Will Help Us To Establish The Standardized  Production . Bottles & Labels Will Be Designed By Reputed Overseas Agencies



Hey Why I Am Starting Project Scotch India

Pradip Sood Has Been Found Of Quality Scotch Since Last 50 Yrs. When Ever Got Chance To Talk To  Bar Tenders & Users  All Over World ,Noted & Understood Their Views on Cost &  Quality Scotch , Most Of Bar Tenders  Wished For Scotch  Equivalent  To Black Label Standard At A Reasonable Rates .

That Made Us Think To Produce Quality Scotch In India With Help Of Pradip Sood’s Solid Back Ground In Industrial Processes & Machinery In Manufacturing Industry .

Now Japan Makes Much Better Scotch Than Scotland – Why Not India .

India Is Biggest Consumer of Whiskey and  Fastest Growing 


Will Be Manufacturing Rarest & Unique Premium Whiskey By Our Master Blender , A Smooth Rare Scotch  For Whiskey Connoisseurs  – Now Enjoy Neat Whiskey On Rocks & Also Chilled Whiskey Shots.( Also Vodka & Tequila Shots )

 Will Be Producing One Million Bottles Per Month.



Whiskey Is No Longer ‘a Man’s Drink’


A Special Smooth Blend Of Scotch For Females Will Be Made – A Fastest Growing Segment


Half The Scotch Sold In India Is Fake

Our Basic Concept Is To Produce  Genuine Quality , Low Cost , 100% Pure Scotch In India


Vision :  Scotch  India 


1st Stage Funding Is Needed To Set Up 3rd Party Job Work / White Label Mfg. Plant For Other Reputed Brands That’s Our Specialization Of Running Plant & Machinery To Highest Level Of Efficiency.



Promoter Pradip Sood Has Multifaceted  Experience Of 5 Decades In  M R O –  Aerospace , Heavy Engineering , Chemical & Process Industries , Mining & Ores &  Food Processing Industries ..


Fund Raising: Wanted Investors

Kindly apply for Partnership & Investment With Yr. Details.

We Also Need Specialist / Advisor For Raising Venture Capital & Seed Money .

Also Companies Who Finances For Startups Can Apply.

Part Small Investment from Individuals Are Also Accepted

mail: heavencityfood@gmail.com


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All  Are Welcomed To Invest In Project Scotch India & Grow Many Folds – Be A Pillar Of Strength Of 500 Crores Company


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Pradip Sood Promoter of Scotch India


India To Have More Affordable Scotch Now 

Plant Location At Goa

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