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Invest In Fastest Growing Segment – Alcohol Industry


During 2022-23, Bottled Whisky Imports More Than Doubled To Us$316 Million From Us$152 Million, While The Value Of Bulk Whisky Shipments Increased By Over 40 Percent To Approximately Us$149 Million During The Same Period.

To-Day Imports are Only 2% Of On Whole India's Consumption

Ongoing India-Uk Free-Trade Agreement (Fta) Negotiations Will Help Increase Business To 10 Times.


Money Rotated Very Frequently For Good Annual Returns – Double Up Your Money

Investment Needed For Long Term & Short Terms – Good Assured Profit On Each Shipments.

Excellent Return on Investment

Small Investments Are Also Invited


Profit & Investment Of 5 Containers A Month:


Purchase Forecast 5 container a month:

1] Our Import Target Is  Containers A Month Each Shipment Appx. Costing 17 Lakhs.

2] Monthly Total Purchase: .75 Crores

3] Annual Purchases: 21 Crores



Profit Forecast:


4] Expected Profit Per Shipment: 2.6 Lakhs @15% Min.

5] Monthly Profit: 26 Lakhs

6] Annual Profit: 3.12 Crores


Total Investment:

45 Days Rolling Stock Investment: 2.6 Crores

Profit & Investment Of 10 Containers A Month:


Purchase Forecast:

1] Our Import Target Is 10 Containers A Month Each Shipment Appx. Costing 35 Lakhs.

2] Monthly Total Purchase: 3.5 Crores

3] Annual Purchases: 42 Crores



Profit Forecast:

1] Expected Profit Per Shipment: 5.25 Lakhs @15% Min.

2] Monthly Profit: 52 Lakhs.

3] Annual Profit: 6.24 Crores.



Total Investment:

45 Days Rolling Stock Investment: 5.25 Crores


To grow from 5 containers a month to 10 containers a month.


Alcohol To Be Imported from World Top Reputed Distilleries.



Bulk Alcohol Buyers Are Distilleries In India With Advance Payment.



Financial Partners Needed

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