Cash Flow 5 Yrs. : Investments , Sales , Expenses & Profits



Funds Needed For Startup , Seed Capital , Venture Capital , Crowd Funding , Co-Founders …

Once 1st & 2nd Stage Production Starts Then Investment Grows 5 X



For 3rd Party Job Work : Rate Per Carton in. Min. Rs.60 

 Min. Profit on 1 Carton Rs. 3600 / for Our Branded Products Worked On 15% Profit on SP – Profitability Will Increase to 30% with Production Increase & Our Technology



Facts – Check:

  1. First Year Investment For Shed & Machinery Is Budgeted – Will Go Up Step By Step As Production Increases Every Three Months. Plant & Machinery Is Common for Both The Vertical.
  2. First Year Raw Material Cost Is Also Estimated – Will Increase As Production Increases.
  3. As Sales Are Increasing Every Year. Accordingly Investment Will Increase On Raw Materials & Machinery.
  4. We Have Made Most Of Provision For Increase In Investment From Profits And Small Extra Investment To Be Added Every Year.
  5. It Will Be Decided Among Partners Whether To Go For Partial Profit Sharing & Partial Profit To Be Inducted Back As Investment.
  6. Small Funds Will Run Short As Tremendous Growth In Sales. More Investment Will Be Needed Accordingly For Raw Materials & Machinery.
  7. Stage Wise Increase In Funds Requirement Can Be Met Either By Present Partners Or New Partners To Be Inducted.



Fund Raising: Wanted Investors

Kindly apply for Partnership & Investment With Yr. Details.

We Also Need Specialist / Advisor For Raising Venture Capital & Seed Money .

Also Companies Who Finances For Startups Can Apply.

Part Small Investment from Individuals Are Also Accepted



Once 1st & 2nd Stage Production Starts Then Investment Grows 5 X

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