Preliminary Pitch Deck & Project Summary


Funds Needed For Startup , Seed Capital , Venture Capital , Crowd Funding , Co-Founders …



Ideation – Scotch India

To Set Up A Compact Scotch Blending Plant In India

Affordable Pure Scotch For All


  1. A Project Started By Technocrat Having 5 Decade Of Extensive Multifaceted Experience
  2. Ideation Breakthrough
  3. Seed Money: 3 Months Project Planning
  4. 1st Stage Funding: 4 Months Plant Construction & Ready For Production For White Label.
  5. 2nd  stage Funding: Immediately After That Marketing , Sales & Distribution Starts For Our Brands.
  6. Revenue Generation: Sales Collection
From Scotland To India



Marketing & Forecast

Demand For Scotch Is Growing Tremendously in India

 Right Time To Invest In Alcohol Plant 

The Industry For Whiskey Is Being Driven By A Strong Demand For High-Quality, Premium Alcoholic Beverages  With An Increase In Consumer Purchasing Power.

India Whiskey Market Outlook

  • The India Whiskey Market Reached A Volume Of 1.35 Billion Litres In 2020. In The Forecast Period Of 2022-2027, The Market Is Expected To Grow At A Cagr Of 17% To Reach 2.82 Billion Litres By 2026. 
  • Market Size:The spirit segment in India, which includes whisky, brandy, rum and vodka, is expected to grow by 25 percent to Rs 2.92 lakh crore ($41 billion) by 2022, according to Euromonitor International.


  • Vision :  Easy To Reach 600  Crores Sales , Vision 1000 Crores Target
  • Potential Unlimited : Grow Step By Step On Success 


Pradip Sood's Experience: Project Is Initiated By Multifaceted Engineer

With Decades Of Extensive Experience In Machinery Manufacturing , Repairs , Plant & Machinery Maintenance Of Breweries , Pharmaceutical , Refinery , Chemical , Fertilizer Plants , Cement & Heavy Industries . We Can Run Whiskey Bottling Plant Very Efficiently & Economical To Earn Extra Profit. Also Having long experience leading the team of engineers.

Specializing In Predictive, Preventive & Proactive Maintenance Strategies. Inventory , Purchase Management , Production Planning …



Mr. Pradip Sood ( President –  Golden Ores  & Bombay Air Compressors )






We Plan To Sell Our Brand At 20 To 30% Cheaper Than Available Good Brands In Range Of Rs. 3000 To 4500

– This Range Is Very Popular With Young Indians , Who Are Ready To Try New Products.

Vision To Produce Quality Scotch In India At Affordable Price .


Initially Most Of Our Production Will Be Sublet To Other Brands For Blending & Bottling , That  Has Great Potential.All Big Brands Get Their Production Done At 3rd Party’s Plants , As Market Is Growing Tremendously There Is Shortage Of Contract Blending & Bottling Plants – Market Size Appx. 1500 Crores

It’s A Risk Free Startup With No Completion – A Well Designed Plan, As Market & Demand Is Growing Tremendously.




Mini Project , Mini Factory , Compact Technology – Will Help to Maintain Low Costing

  • Under One Roof Manufacturing: Biggest Advantage – Common Plant & Machinery For Both The Verticals – 3rd Party Mfg. &  Our Brand Production.
  • Plant Is Designed  To Handle Whiskey,Gin,Vodka & Contract Mfg.
  • Machinery Designed Common For All Products. 
  • Technically Most Efficient & Advance Mfg. Plant 
  • 2 Profit Verticals
  • Solid Engineering Back Ground 
  • It’s A Small Manageable Project With Min. Over Heads , Min.Staff, Good Profits, Min. / few Type Of Raw Materials , Can be  Expanded To Higher Production Very Easily .
  • Plant Set Up Time 6 Months Max. Plant Will Be Of Latest Technology To Produce Quality Scotch, Vodka & Gin.
  • Our Project Is Based On Green Sustainable Energy
  • Also We Will Benefit From Green Credits

100% Pure:

We Will Blend Only 100% Fully Imported Pure ScotchMost Of Indian Manufactures Are Only Blending Max. 5% Scotch Rest Indian Whiskey


A Simple Manufacturing Process Will Be Adapted

Plant Will Be Managed By Experienced Professionals

Technologically advance Manufacturing Plant



Our Project Is Based On Green / Renewable / Sustainable Energy



Advantage Of Scotch Blending Plant :

  • A Compact Plant
  • Low 1/3 Investment – High Returns
  • Min. Man Power
  • Min. Over Heads
  • Few Raw Materials To Manage
  • Zeero Wastage
  • Easy Quality Control
  • Quick Production
  • High Returns On Investment
  • Flexible Production: Part Of Production Capacity Will Be Sublet ( Contract Mfg. ) For An Extra Income & Stability . Will Generate Substantial 30% Extra Income With No Investment On Raw Materials Or Marketing.




Invest & Grow With Us Many Times

First Stage Traction:


100 Cartons Production A Day Generates Net Profit Of Rs.12 Crores A Year ( Net Profit Calculated Per Liter Scotch Produced )

1st. Year  Sales: 81 Crores

30 Cartons A Day Is Break Even Point

Sales Volumes Are Quite High As Compared To Plant & Machinery Investment – High Returns On Investment.

A Safe Investment  A Part Of Plant Production Will Be Given To Other Mfgs. As An Extra Source Of Income. 

( Contract Manufacturing: First We Will Be Starting Production For Other Brands / White Label . This Will Help Us To Stabilize , And Gradually After That Start Production Of Our Brands )

It Takes One Year To Establish The Brand In Limited Market To Achieve Sales Of 100 Cartons A Day.



Return On Investment:

  • 12 Months To Achieve Breakeven
  • 18 Months To Start Making Profit
  • 36 Months Double Your Investment 

Once Optimum Level Of Production Is Achieved – Min. 40% Profits Are Assured




Exit Policy: Equity Holders Has Option To Exit After Three Years With Profits Or On Next Level Of Funding.



Cost Of Machinery & Sales Revenue


Sales & Profit of Our Brand Products


Win Win Advantage

No Extra Machines Would Be Required For Our Brand Production:

Common Machines For 3rd Party & Our Band Production.



Kindly apply for Partnership & Investment With Yr. Details.


We Need  Experienced Advisor For Raising Venture Capital & Seed Money ,  Resourceful Person , Investment Bankers   Or A Company Or Cofounder To Help Us In Raising Seed Money, Startup, Venture Capital  …. For Our Project – Worldwide Investors, Distilleries, Blenders , Distributors , Importers ,  Bottling Plants… – Are Also Invited To Join In .

Investment To Double Up Every 3 Yrs.

150 Million Usd Production  To Be Achieved In Next 3 Yrs 

Will  Be Offered Equity

Also Companies Who Finances For Startups Can Apply.

Part Small Investment from Individuals Are Also Accepted.


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Once 1st & 2nd Stage Production Starts Then Investment Grows 5 X

( For Your Views , Comments & Guidance )

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All  Are Welcomed To Invest In Project Scotch India & Grow Many Folds – Be A Pillar Of Strength Of 500 Crores Company



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