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Ideation – Scotch India

To Set Up A Compact Scotch Blending Plant In India

Affordable Pure Scotch For All




Ideation Breakthrough


We All Love Scotch , Let's Make It




Legacy To Build




  1. A Project Started By Technocrat Having 5 Decade Of Extensive / Multifaceted Experience
  2. Ideation Breakthrough
  3. Seed Money: 3 Months Project Planning
  4. 1st Stage Funding: 4 Months Plant Construction & Ready For Production
  5. Immediately After That Marketing , Sales & Distribution Starts
  6. Revenue Generation: Sales Collection


From Scotland To India


  1. Small Project Easy To Handle
  2. Part Production To Be Sublet – Extra Income
  3. Quick Turn Around – Simplified Mfg. Process – Proven Technology .
  4. Quick Start-Up , Min. Investment , Min. Man Power .
  5. Standardized Raw Material From Reputed Vendors
  6. Machinery From Reputed Vendors
  7. Most Of Operations Software Controlled
  8. Standardized Production 24 X 7

Sales & Marketing:

  1. Competition: No Competition With Domestic Liquor Mfgs.
  2. Costing : May Be Initially Slightly High , Will Go Down With Time
  3. Vision : Easy To Reach 600  Crores Sales , Vision 1000 Crores Target
  4. To Reach High Volumes & Profits With Efficient & Compact Mfg. Process
  5. Sales Channels Thru – Horeca , Retail & Export
  6. First Launch Will Be At Goa Then Western Indian & Southern India & After That Spread To All Over India In 3 Yrs. Time.
  7. Market Size: The spirit segment in India, which includes whisky, brandy, rum and vodka, is expected to grow by 25 percent to Rs 2.92 lakh crore ($41 billion) by 2022, according to Euromonitor International.


A Growth Oriented Venture

  1. Small Investment & Grow
  2. Year  Sales: 81 Crores
  3. Part Production To Be Sublet – Extra Income
  4. Seed Capital: First Early Stage Startup Funds Will Be Needed To Build Up Platform To Reduce Time.
  5. Investors To Get Equity In Project.


  1. 1st Project To Start With 3rd Party Contract Manufacturing.
  2. 2nd After That Start Our Own Brand Mfg .
  3. 3rd Franchising Department To Set Up Prpduction Units In Various Part Of Country
  4. 4th Stage Form Farm To Bar – Agriculture Farm To Grow High Grade Raw Materials To Make Molasses For Scotch , Whiskey , Vodka , Gin , Rum And  Set Up Our Own Distillation Unit To Reduce Cost.





Our Brand Will Be Here




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