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Bulk  Supply

Branded  Products

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Tremendous Opportunity Of Imported Scotch In India

India Topples France As Uk's Largest Scotch Whisky Market; Imports Up 60% . Now India Is 2nd Largest Consumer Of Scotch.

Import Of Whiskey :  Single Malt Scotch / Blended Scotch , Bourbon , Vodka , Gin , Rum , Tequila – In Bottles Or Bulk Liquid In Casks , Barrels Or Tankers ..…

One Source To Whiskey Supply From Consortium Of Reputed Distilleries For Bulk Liquids Or Bottled Branded Or Pvt. Label .



Bulk Whisky 


Bulk supply of liquid for distilleries:

  1. Wider choice
  2. Ready Aged alcohol to use
  3. Cost & time saving

We export the following types of bulk whisky and spirits:

  • Scotch
  • Irish
  • Bourbon
  • European Whisky
  • Cognac
  • Brandy
  • Rum
  • Gin
  • Vodka

If you are looking for an aged scotch whisky, we are able to supply Malt and Blend Scotch whisky from 3 to 20 years old.

To deliver our products, we work directly with the most important international suppliers of food-grade ISO tanks of 25,000 litres. There is also the possibility of supply in dry 200 or 1000 litre capacity containers with PVC IBC. 


Bulk Transportation


Branded Whisky



Branded In Bottles

    1. Attractive Rates
    2. Huge Variety Of Branded Whiskies , Vodka , Gin ., Rum , Tequila To Choose From 1000s Varieties,
    3. Our Strength Lies In Ability To Create Mixed  Brand Orders.


Private Label



Pvt. Label:

We Help Get Bottles Labeled Of Your Brand / Your Choice Bottle / Caps / Corks …

Your Label For Your Party , Restaurants , Hotels , Resorts , Cruise Or Airlines … ( Signature In-House Whiskey )

Your Own Private Reserve Signature Whisky, Finished Exactly How You Want It And Bearing Your Name Or Corporate Identity. Ideal For Corporate Gifting, Special Events, Or As That Perfect Statement Gift And Sharing With Your Family, Friends, Clients, And Colleagues!



One Source For Your Whiskey Requirement From Any Stage Of Production:

Aged Bulk , Branded Bottled Or Pvt. Label. 



Payment Facilities:

Extended Payment Terms And Also Revolving L C For Continues Orders.



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